To help you through your first few weeks of the program and completing Phase 1 of the program, a basic understanding and application of the following will be needed.


-          Law of averages

-          5 Steps

-          8 Steps

-          Impulse factors

At all times on this program, keep in mind that there is always someone around you that can assist you on the program.  It is not necessary to make all the mistakes; learn from others, you will advance quicker.

It is important that you have an open mind for learning to successfully complete the program. Your attitude at the beginning of a task will determine your results.

Whatever your mind can believe and conceive, you can achieve.


PHASE 1:  Distributor
Learning the basics :

-Show results using the 5&8 steps
-Show responsibility (be on time, take care of money)
-Develop confidence
-Set and reach goals
-Teach what you know, ask questions about what you don’t know
-Run impacts
-Leading ride-outs

  PHASE 2:  Leader
Emerging as a crew leader :

-Lead by example
-Consistent in all aspects of phase 1
-Opportunity to learn and assume responsibility on the insides of the business
-Learn to manage and motivate people


  PHASE 3: Assistant Manager
Learning the insides of the business:
-Opportunity to learn the internal side of business :
a) Bookeeping
b) Banking
c) Inventory control
d) Interviewing
e) Recruiting

-Stepping stone to getting your own office


  PHASE 4: Owner
An entrepreneur enters the business world

-Form a (Pty) Ltd and become Managing director of your own business.
-Opportunity to earn above average income.
-Opportunity to duplicate your business by developing new owners.
-Opportunity for financial independence